AllLCA and Circular Construction

CircularDynamics – Implementation of circular economy models in the construction sector

CircularDynamics aims to contribute to the implementation of circular economy models in the construction sector.

With the growing awareness and concern of society regarding the need to reduce activities that cause environmental impacts, which in turn are linked to climate change, as present in the European Green Deal, several approaches and methodologies have been created to try to mitigate such impacts. Here, one of the main sectors identified by several studies as impacting the planet is the built environment.

Thus, with the high use and demand for raw materials and natural resources, which is leading to their scarcity, and with a significant contribution in greenhouse gas emissions, which greatly contribute to climate change, there is an urgent need to address and offer alternative solutions to this sector in order to be able to mitigate all impacts generated.

As such, CircularDynamics emerges as a reflection of the need to contribute to the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy in the construction sector. This IIG is divided into two main research vectors: Circularity and GreenSpecs.

In the Circularity research line, we highlight the contribution of BUILT CoLAB as a partner of the Environmental Fund for the implementation of an Action Plan for Circularity in the Construction Sector (APCCS), with actions at various levels, from the characterization of the current state of circularity, organization of workshops and training actions, linked to circularity and management of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) and how to enhance its effective application in the field.

As for the GreenSpecs research line, we highlight the development of support structures for SMEs for future requirements associated with the implementation of the APCCS, as well as green public procurement.

Circular Dynamics BUILT CoLAB

Main Activities

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