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Financial Controller and Human Resources Manager / Science and Technology Manager

In liaison with the Executive Director, you will perform financial and human resources management functions, as well as support the management of the financial component of funded projects.

MSc in Engineering, specialized in Blockchain

To develop applied research in blockchain-related areas, including the development of APP’s to support the secure and shared compilation and registration of information in the context of a building’s lifecycle, as well as in the creation of shared marketplaces within the same scope.

BSc in IT

In connection with the person in charge of the R&I area, develop research in the information technologies area that will take place in the scope of the project “Rev@Construction”.

MSc in IT

Initial Training Area and/or Similar Areas: Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computers, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering, and Industrial Management, and related areas.

MSc in Civil Engineering or Architecture

Initial Training Area and/or Similar Areas: Civil Engineering, Architecture, and related areas.

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