Focusing on multiple areas of activity, our team seeks excellence daily, establishing partnerships and producing research applied to our daily lives.

João Neves Moutinho

Business Director & Internationalization

João Moutinho

João Poças Martins

Research & Development Director

Poças Martins

Luís Sanhudo

Head of Digital Transformation

Luís Sanhudo 1

Vanessa Tavares

Head of Sustainability

Vanessa Tavares 1

Ana Margarida Amândio

AI Researcher

Margarida Amandio

Nycolas Glerean

BIM Programming Specialist

Nycolas Glerean

Pedro Lucas Martins

Standardization Manager (CT0197) & BIM Specialist

Pedro Lucas Martins 1

Ana Catarina Rocha

Digital Transition Specialist

Ana Catarina Rocha

Vítor Cardoso

Twin Transition Specialist

Vítor Cardoso

Débora Pinto

Standardization Specialist

Debora Pinto 1

Inês Martins

Construction Process Optimization Specialist

Inês Martins 1

Inês Caetano

Algorithmic Design Specialist

Ines Caetano

João Miguel Silva

BIM Programming Specialist

João Silva

Luís Jacques

BIM & AI Programming Specialist

Luís Jacques 1

Sofia Feist

BIM & AI Developer

Sofia Feist_alta

Hélder Silva

Digital Twin & IoT Developer

Helder Silva

Pedro Fonseca Ferreira

Programming & Integration Specialist

Pedro Ferreira

Mário Dixo de Sousa

Virtual and Augmented Reality Specialist

Mario Sousa

Nuno Oliveira

Full-Stack Developer

Nuno Oliveira

Leonor Santos

Business Developer

Leonor Santos

Sofia Bastos

Project and Finance Manager

Sofia Bastos

Lurdes Laranjeira

Marketing & Communication Officer

Lurdes Laranjeira

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