BUILT CoLAB works from an Intensive Innovation Groups (IIGs) perspective that, adding knowledge and accelerating innovation, capitalizes the relationship with agents in the AEC sector.

AllDigital Twin

DigiTT focuses on the improvement of conventional operations in the context of construction and the built environment.

AllBuilding Digital Transition

DigiTwin's main objective is to accelerate the digital transition of companies connected to the built environment.

CertBIM Normalização para BIM
AllBIM and Parametric Design

CertBIM thus aims to support the structuring of content oriented towards the standardization of BIM-related processes.

Circular Dynamics BUILT CoLAB
AllLCA and Circular Construction

CircularDynamics aims to contribute to the implementation of circular economy models in the construction sector.

iotask builtcolab
AllLaser Scanning / Point Cloud

IoTASK converts "dumb" and "disconnected" equipment into smart, digital and connected systems.

otimização da digitalização para a construção com a solução AUTOMATION do BUILT CoLAB
AllBuilding Digital TransitionDigital Twin

AUTOMATION aims to create a Digital Twin and Optimization System Architecture that not only allows accurate and immediate monitoring and control over ongoing construction tasks using any handheld device but also provides the user with several alternatives for the optimal distribution of resources over the course of a construction project.

Virtual Environment
AllAugmented / Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality has been progressively used in every industry and have great potential in the AEC industry. At BUILTCoLAB, we aim to develop several innovative solutions to support collaborative digital design, virtual construction and augmented management of the built environment.

AllDigital Twin

The SMILE project aims to develop a digital environment to manage buildings’ data, connected to BIM and IoT. This digital environment will integrate an intelligence engine to optimize buildings operation, exploration and management.

AllBuilding Digital Transition

Building Logbooks are information models of buildings, which improve access to information for Facilities Managers (FMs) or others responsible for managing buildings, enabling them to improve the operation of their building. Specifically, they provide a place to record ongoing building energy performance, which should help improve energy efficiency.

AllBIM and Parametric Design

To promote innovation in less developed regions, which is one of the national strategic priorities, the BUILTcolab will analyse the creation of an IIG focused on Alentejo. Several financing programs can support the creation of such an initiative, which should focus on training and digital modelling and simulation.

AllBIM and Parametric Design

This initiative will focus on the development of a collaboration platform for the industry, based on the Trimble connect software. BUILTCoLAB will implement a specific frontend and develop some templates to adapt the collaboration platform to the existing standards and guidelines. The platform will be distributed in the industry, to promote digital collaboration and innovative document/models management practices.

AllDigital TwinLaser Scanning / Point Cloud

An evolving use for laser scanners is the dynamic deployment of scans to evaluate construction stages. The term “scan-to-BIM” gets used for all applications of scans that upload data directly into BIM schematics.

AllBIM and Parametric Design

Currently, the design projects are getting more complex, and the number of elements and different components tends to increase. This leads to growing construction costs, which can be optimized.

AllBuilding Digital Transition

This IIG will answer to the increasing demand for an e-licensing platform for municipalities, which will support construction project lifecycle processes.

AllLCA and Circular Construction

This IIG focuses on existing developments, initiated by Ruben Santos on his PhD thesis (supervised by António Aguiar Costa and José Silvestre). The original work created a plugin for Revit to calculate the LCA of a building.

AllBIM and Parametric Design

Positiv Building Technology is a new approach to design, based on new methodological concepts and innovative technological instruments. It aims to create a close connection between Building design, simulation and Technology.

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