Gender Equality Plan BUILT CoLAB

Gender Equality Plan

BUILT CoLAB Gender Equality Plan

Gender equality is a consecrated right, being considered an essential human right for the development of society and for the full participation of all people, regardless of their gender. The concept of gender equality translates into equality of rights, freedoms and opportunities between genders, with the aim of providing equal appreciation, recognition and participation in all spheres of public and private life.

This document describes how BUILT CoLAB is committed to respecting this right in its various dimensions:

Management of professional/personal life - Organizational Culture

BUILT CoLAB recognizes the importance of gender equality in professional and personal management, and encourages the reconciliation of family management tasks, whether the employee is male or female. In this context, BUILT CoLAB has a flexible working hours policy and encourages the implementation of a mixed system to its employees between face-to-face work and telework.

Gender equality in recruitment or career progression

In decisions for recruitment or career progression there is not, nor will there be, any discrimination based on gender. The only selection or progression criteria are related to job performance, such as: experience, profile, skills, merit, or communication skills.

Gender balance in leadership or decision-making

The appointment, promotion, or hiring of leadership or decision-making positions are not and will not be made on the basis of gender, but on the basis of merit, curriculum vitae, profile, or any other criterion as long as it is non-discriminatory, and will seek, whenever possible, to have gender balance.

Parenthood Protection

BUILT CoLAB respects the exercise of maternity and paternity rights by its employees, respecting the leave/absence from work in the various situations foreseen by law,
It should be noted that cases of single parenthood and parental leave have a special treatment seen on a case-by-case basis without any kind of gender discrimination, but understanding the associated physiological differences.

Integrating the "gender" dimension in research themes

BUILT CoLAB will take into consideration, in all its work, developments or actions, that the “gender” dimension is taken into account whenever applicable. In the construction sector, there are several examples of this and there are already several cases of actions carried out by BUILT CoLAB in which gender equality was promoted.

Creating preventive measures for violence such as sexual harassment

Every 12 months BUILT CoLAB will promote information sessions where all employees will be told about the precautions to take in order to avoid any type of violence (physical, psychological or sexual harassment) and how to react or proceed in the event of a case or incident.

Commitment to Resource Allocation

BUILT CoLAB is committed to allocating human resources to the implementation of this plan. It will be the responsibility of the Director, João Moutinho, to ensure compliance with this Plan and the Human Resources Manager to ensure the remaining actions (in hiring, day-to-day work, behaviors, etc.).

Monitoring and Data Acquisition

The monitoring or acquisition of data on staff members of BUILT CLAB will be done in a disaggregated way so as not to discriminate or put people of different genders or sexual orientations in unequal conditions.

Initial and ongoing training

BUILT CoLAB includes training on this topic in its Initial Welcome for new employees and, every 12 months, shall organize training sessions for all its employees in order to make everyone aware of the gender equality issue and all the issues that in a not so visible way may be negatively affecting their careers, both employees and management bodies.

The full document is available here.

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