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The Mobilizing Project “Digital Construction Revolution – REV@CONSTRUCTION” has as its basic principle the implementation of the Digital Transformation of companies in the AEC sector, with the aim of promoting their competitiveness and sustainable growth, as well as a strategic alignment with the sector at European level.

To this end, it has developed several digital tools that facilitate the introduction of the Digital Twin concept in the construction industry, using research in cutting-edge digital areas such as Augmented Reality, Sensorization, Big Data, or IoT.

The REV@CONSTRUCTION project aims to mobilize the AEC sector for the Digital Revolution through a number of integrated, cross-cutting and structuring initiatives, involving entities representing the entire sector and other R&D benchmarks.

Partners: Teixeira Duarte (leader); INESC TEC; BIMMS; Grupo Casais; UMinho; LNEC; IP; Engexpor; IPQ; IST; UPorto; A400; Mota-Engil; 3Maps; ISEL; BUILT CoLAB; ACPMR; Instituto da Construção; COBA; AdF.

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Project co-financed by COMPETE 2020, LISBOA 2020 and Portugal 2020 and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

Main Activities


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