Intermediate Conference “The Strategy for a Sustainable Future of Construction

Intermediate Conference “The Strategy for a Sustainable Future of Construction

Date: 19 July, 2022
Local: Leiria | Auditório da NERLEI

BUILT CoLAB is organising the Intermediate Conference of the FoC – Future of Construction project, which will address the topic of “Strategy for the Sustainable Future of Construction”.

The event will take place on the 19th of July, between 14h30 and 17h30, in Leiria, at NERLEI’s auditorium. The main topic under discussion will be based on the presentation of prospective studies that are being carried out by several consultants at a national level, followed by a debate between several representatives of reference entities: Nuno Mangas, President of Compete, Gonçalo Lopes, President of CIMRL, António Poças, President of NERLEI and Rui Pedrosa, President of IPLeiria.

Attendance is free, but 📌 registration required here.


Abertura | Luís Gomes – BUILT CoLAB/Mota-Engil – 10 minutos

Ponto de Situação do Projeto | Paulo Fonseca e Hugo Sousa – BUILT CoLAB – 10 minutos

Apresentação dos Estudos Prospetivos em Curso:

  . “Plano Estratégico para a Transformação Digital do Setor AEC” – Deloitte – Miguel Taborda – 15 minutos

  . “Roteiro Setorial para a I&D + Contech Fund” – FI Group – Ivo Pavia – 15 minutos

  . “Agenda setorial para a Neutralidade Carbónica e Economia circular + Carbon Hand Print” – 3drivers – Ana Lopes – 15 minutos

  . “Reinventar a Gestão do Talento no setor AEC” – EY – Isabel Vaz Pereira – 15 minutos

Coffee-Break. 15 mins

Mesa Redonda e Debate “A Estratégia para o Futuro da Construção: da Digitalização à Qualificação Profissional” –  45 minutos

    . Nuno Mangas, Presidente do Compete

    . Gonçalo Lopes, Presidente da CIMRL

    . António Poças, Presidente da Nerlei

    . Rui Pedrosa, Presidente IPLeiria

     Moderação de Rita Moura – BUILT CoLAB/Teixeira Duarte

About FoC:

FoC – Future of Construction is a SIAC project led by BUILT CoLAB that aims to define the strategy for the Twin Transition of the AEC sector, based on four structural vectors: Digitalize, Transform, Preserve and Qualify. To this end, it intends to implement a structured action plan that promotes digital transformation, carbon neutrality, circular economy, innovation and qualification and certification of skills.

More information about this project is available on the website at https://futureofconstruction.pt/.

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