Published article “Integrating Intelligent Pavement Data with Decision Support Systems: A Systematic Review”

Published article “Integrating Intelligent Pavement Data with Decision Support Systems: A Systematic Review”

Smart Pavement Data

It was published online, in open format, an article co-authored by Margarida Amândio, Manuel Parente and Paulo Fonseca, from the IA team at BUILT CoLAB, in collaboration with José Neves, from CERIS, Instituto Superior Técnico, entitled “Intelligent Pavement Data Integration with Decision Support Systems: A Systematic Review”.

This article is part of the special issue “Decision Support Systems for the Digital Built Environment”, section “Construction Management, and Computers & Digitization”, of the magazine “Buildings” of the MDPI portal.

Summary: “At present, floor management systems (FMS) are mainly based on long-established monitoring processes, and rely heavily on experience gained. However, with the emergence of smart technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, PMS could be improved by applying these new smart technologies to their decision support systems, not only by updating their data collection methodologies, but also their data analysis tools. The application of these smart technologies in the field of pavement monitoring and condition assessment will undoubtedly contribute to more efficient, less expensive, safer and environmentally friendly methodologies. Thus, the main thrust of the present work is to provide insight for the development of future decision support systems for intelligent pavement management by conducting a systematic literature review on the developed works that apply intelligent technologies to this field. The conclusions drawn from the review allowed the identification of a number of future-oriented recommendations for researchers. Indeed, the future SMP should tend to be able to collect and analyse data at different levels, both externally to the surface and inside the pavement, as well as detect and predict all types of functional and structural failures and defects.”

You can read the full article here.

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