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AUTOMATION – digitAl prodUcTion OptiMizATION

AUTOMATION aims to create a Digital Twin and Optimization System Architecture that not only allows accurate and immediate monitoring and control over ongoing construction tasks using any handheld device but also provides the user with several alternatives for the optimal distribution of resources over the course of a construction project.

The output solutions optimize several factors simultaneously – multi-objective optimization – which can be customizable depending on user preferences and/or project specifications, among which one can highlight construction costs, construction durations, or carbon emissions.

Since any construction is typically susceptible to unpredictable occurrences (i.e., equipment malfunction, unfavorable atmospheric conditions, inaccurate estimations of team productivities), they constantly require an adjustment or reorganization of the workflow in the construction site to keep the optimal status of resource usage. Bearing this in mind, the system is tailored to support decision-making throughout all project phases, including not only bidding, design, and planning phases by providing the user with resource usage solutions (from project budget to planning, including the corresponding costs and durations), but also during the construction phase, in which the constant monitoring of resources and reassessment of their allocation to tasks is paramount in the context of increasing productivity and company competitiveness.

This construction phase resource monitoring, which leverages smart sensor technologies, allows the system to respond to variations in productivity or work rate of construction equipment and production teams, providing suggestions for minor alterations in the allocation of these resources when necessary, so as to continuously guarantee optimal work conditions. The output of these re-optimization cycles can then be automatically transmitted to the operators and staff in the work site according to user preferences and complying with user experience best practices while being supported by simple and user-friendly interfaces.

otimização da digitalização para a construção com a solução AUTOMATION do BUILT CoLAB

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