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IoTASK – Converting “dumb” equipment into smart, digital and connected systems

IoTASK converts “dumb” and “disconnected” equipment into smart, digital and connected systems.

The Digitalization effort of the Construction sector is strongly conditioned by the difficulty of converting the existent machinery, buildings, roads, and railways so that it becomes possible to extract data and to connect to the internet of things.

IoTASK aims to create agnostic IoT solutions (which do not rely on brands or types of equipment) to convert unintelligent and disconnected equipment into cyber-physical systems capable of capturing physical variables (temperature, electrical consumption, water or fuel, etc.) and making the data available in a way that allows interconnection and interoperability with intelligent decision support systems or data science platforms.

This Intensive Innovation Group aims to develop high TRL experimental versions of the devices and their platforms. To do so, it will explore sensors, communication technologies, electrical autonomy, reliability, redundancy, and data platforms.

Main Activities

iotask builtcolab

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