Article “Geotechnics in Pavements and Railways and Prospects for the Digital Age

Article “Geotechnics in Pavements and Railways and Prospects for the Digital Age

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A new article of co-authorship of Manuel Parente, Head of AI of BUILT CoLAB, was published with the title “Geotechnics in Pavements and Railways and Prospects for the Digital Age”.

This article was written jointly with António Gomes Correia (ISISE, Civil Engineering Department, University of Minho), José Neves (CERIS, Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geo-Resources Department, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon) and Eduardo Fortunato (Transportation Department, National Civil Engineering Laboratory (LNEC).

It was published on July 30, 2021, in Geotechnics Journal No. 152, and is available in open format on the IMPACTVM Platform – web platform of academic journals that aims to promote scientific knowledge produced in Portuguese-speaking countries.

ABSTRACT The article aims to present the main contributions of geotechnics and the digital era in sidewalks and railways, with importance in the various phases of the life cycle (design, construction, operation and maintenance). In this context, aspects of the characterization and modeling of geomaterials and their influence on the performance of these structures are presented, through the demonstration of laboratory and “in situ” test results. With regard to the digitalization that characterizes the industry today (Industry 4.0), some of the greatest potential that the areas of optimization and information and communication technologies can have in the management and intelligent allocation of resources in dynamic environments, such as earthworks, as well as in sidewalk management systems, in addition to the use of BIM throughout the design phases are described. In addition, the integration of self-sensing materials will constitute the intelligent structures of the future.

See the full article here.

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