ACA Group, a partner of BUILT CoLAB, promotes innovation contest in construction

ACA Group, a partner of BUILT CoLAB, promotes innovation contest in construction

Grupo ACA Challenge

The ACA Group, partner of BUILT CoLAB, is promoting the “ACA Innovation Challenge”, a competition aimed at entrepreneurs, visionaries, leaders, students and researchers, with ideas and solutions that contribute to stimulate innovation and circularity in the construction sector.

With this initiative, the ACA Group intends to learn about new technologies, with an impact on its business areas, and understand how they can be applied to the built environment, either during construction or throughout the life cycle of buildings and infrastructures.

There are 3 open challenges:

ACA Innovation Student: Award aimed at students and researchers who present new procedural and constructive solutions, with application during construction or throughout the built life cycle.

ACA Open Innovation: Award aimed at ideas and business models that reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve sustainability and quality in construction.

ACA Innovation Software: Award for digital tools, supported by emerging technologies, to streamline decision-making and make operations in the construction sector more expedient.

BUILT CoLAB will be part of the jury of the ACA Innovation Student award, with João Moutinho evaluating.

Associated with this competition are several incentives for the winners, distributed across the 3 categories: €26,000 in total value of prizes, paid internships and the possibility of integration in the ACA group, investment or participation in the business, networking with key players in the sector and support for the scalability of the idea or business. Full information is available on the competition website here.

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