Protocolo “Acordo Circular com a Indústria da Construção” já foi assinado

Protocolo “Acordo Circular com a Indústria da Construção” já foi assinado

assinatura protocolo circularidade

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The protocol “Circular Agreement with the Construction Industry”, which formalizes the partnership between BUILT CoLAB and the Environmental Fund, was signed yesterday, October 11th, in Lisbon. BUILT CoLAB was one of the entities selected by the Environmental Fund, for the implementation of several training actions and thematic workshops, with the final goal of preparing an Action Plan for Circularity in Construction.

This signing took place in person, at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, and was attended by the Secretary of State for Environment, Inês Costa, the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Jorge Delgado, and the Director of the Environmental Fund, Alexandra Carvalho.

During the ceremony, a contextualization presentation was made by Rita Moura, President of the Board of Directors of BUILT CoLAB, who, together with Luís Gomes, Vice President of BUILT CoLAB, represented this Collaborative Laboratory and officially signed the protocol.

Among the other partners are the Confederation of Portuguese Industry (CIP), the CPCI – Portuguese Confederation of Construction and Real Estate, the AICCOPN – Association of Civil Construction and Public Works Industries, the AECOPS – Association of Construction and Public Works and Services Companies, the PTPC – Portuguese Technological Platform for Construction, the IMPIC – Institute of Public Markets, Real Estate and Construction, I. P., and the APA – Portuguese Environment Agency, I. P.

This designation was made by Dispatch no. 8068/2021, which you can consult here.

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