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DigiTT – Digital Twin for transport infrastructures

DigiTT focuses on the improvement of conventional operations in the context of construction and the built environment.

The project’s focus is the combination of the implementation of novel technologies together with the experience of experts in the field to improve the processes by which companies generate profit from a global perspective. This means that a holistic approach is adopted both on a global scale and on a local scale to maximize the productivity of the company as a whole, rather than limiting the scope to the optimization of operations locally.

On the one hand, the novel technologies include the application of optimization algorithms to repetitive processes which are traditionally decided solely based on the experience of planning teams. On the other hand, the experience of experts can be leveraged on by artificial intelligence algorithms applied to past databases which contain knowledge regarding the conventional methodologies applied to solve specific problems, such as the distribution of assets throughout several operational sites, or the scheduling of inspection operations.

Ultimately, the goal is to support the decision-making processes concerning the management of resources in ways that reduce waste and improve operational efficiency and efficacy, while simultaneously compiling all information in automatically generated reports which not only support decision-making, but also act as historical records for future auditing.

Main Activities


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