CertBIM thus aims to support the structuring of content oriented towards the standardization of BIM-related processes.
To promote innovation in less developed regions, which is one of the national strategic priorities, the BUILTcolab will analyse the creation of an IIG focused on Alentejo. Several financing programs can support the creation of such an initiative, which should focus on training and digital modelling and simulation.
This initiative will focus on the development of a collaboration platform for the industry, based on the Trimble connect software. BUILTCoLAB will implement a specific frontend and develop some templates to adapt the collaboration platform to the existing standards and guidelines. The platform will be distributed in the industry, to promote digital collaboration and innovative document/models management practices.
Currently, the design projects are getting more complex, and the number of elements and different components tends to increase. This leads to growing construction costs, which can be optimized.
Positiv Building Technology is a new approach to design, based on new methodological concepts and innovative technological instruments. It aims to create a close connection between Building design, simulation and Technology.

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